From your idea to production, there is a massive gap. We close it.
We bring life to your idea by working directly with manufacturers.

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If you're looking to make your product in China you need a trusted source.
We are that source.

1. Strategy & Project

We measure your project's feasibility based on product complexity, supplier selection, lead times, and existing competitors, all free of charge!

2. Ideas to design

Add structure to your ideas to create a viable product
Get the necessary OEM / ODM charateristics
Gain the best market fit with several design choices
Mitigate risks with thorough preparation before investing too much money into the product

3. Design to production

Get the services of a design firm, R&D platform and Quality Control department all under one roof
Our designers work directly with manufacturer engineers to eliminate issues before they arise.
Our transition from design to production is seamless

4. Sourcing & Quality

Thorough factory selection process Regular on site project managers to meet your specific project needs
Staying inside the factories guarantees the design adheres to all quality requirements

5. Production follow up

Fast,transparent, and clear product development updates
Mobile team for real time supplier communication
Fully integrated design and trading company
Experienced experts that bring you from
design to delivery for the first time

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6. Workflow optimization

Value-added tasks are our core focus
Daily AGILE management to stay flexible and effective
Quality problems are a result of poor communication
By working inside the factories rather than in a remote office we eliminate delays and other issues

Strategy and Project evaluation

Tailored project solutions

Project cost and lead time evaluation
Visual Identity and branding
Additional partnership resources
Market content planning
Generate visibility in the creative community

Develop your activity with a creative partner

Strategy specification
Product positioning
Marketing and technology research
Business plan construction
Low cost advantage by producing in China

We help you connect the dots

Ideas to design

Gather creativity and knowledge

Preconcept functionality research
Evaluation of existing technical solutions
Project feasibility and existing sample evaluation
Advice on CMF (Color, Material, Finishing)

Prepare to launch your product

Translate your idea into product specifications
Get manufacturers' feedback on technology maturity
Evaluate preconcept based on complexity and cost
Prepare product architecture and components

Design to production

Idea design

Idea sketches
Story board
3D modeling - realistic rendering
Visual promotion support
Packaging artwork

Tooling design

Technical specifications
Component sourcing and quotation
Mold design
Software & hardware design

Sourcing and quality management

A network of factories

Evaluate and audit new suppliers
Coordinate between different manufacturers
Manage multiple deadlines to meet your project needs

A mobile team

Our designers and technicians are in the field:
Solving technical problems
Aiming for the target price
Sampling the first units produced / printed
Testing hardware and quality constantly

A high level of quality

Prototype evaluation
Daily quality control
Certification and lab testing by
independant third parties

Production follow up

Immediate updates

Quotations directly from experts
Prototype and sampling
Design modifications
Storage and delivery

Supply chain management

Packing preparation
Transparent tracking access
Worldwide delivery

Sales and distribution

E-shop platform development for your home country
Translation and adaptation to Chinese market
Legal advice and licensing to sell in China

Workflow optimization

Tracking & Knowledge sharing

Adapatation to your current workflow
Technical file exchange
Tracking progress and knowledge management
Storage in cloud solution
AGILE project management

If you can think it, we can make it


We love products so we naturally pay close attention to each one. Our favorite thing to do is discuss new concepts, ideas, and innovations with clients both new and old. We help you build on your ideas to make it become something real. Having a solid team is what differentiates an average product from a great one. We are that extra teammate you need to succeed.

  • Wireless charger

    Smooth shape hold every device

  • Different concepts proposal

  • Technical and Industrial designer working together in the field


To tap into the world's largest smart phone market, a local Chinese company approached us to work on a wireless Qi charger as a first step to launching its own brand and image.

We offered several concepts that utilized new functions within the device and continued to add value to the design by carefully chosing CMF (color, material, & finishing) and high quality components that distinguished the product from the ones already on the market.

We worked closely with local suppliers in Shenzhen, the tech manufacturing capitol of the world, serving as the primary link between suppliers and distributors.

We also designed the packaging and facilitated communication between our client and the supplier that was essential for launching the product. At the same time we utilized multiple sales channels to promote our client's values in visual identity, product positioning and branding.


We like products

We find it fascinating to physically hold an idea in your hand.
Hintside was founded with one goal in mind. To help people take
an idea from the first napkin sketch to a ready to sell product.

The Question

How do products make it to warehouses and store shelves?
The answer is quite complicated on various levels so our goal is
to create a turnkey process that requires minimal effort from you.
If you have a good idea nothing should stop you from sharing it with the world.

The Idea

Too many cooks spoil the broth.
We believe having several different companies working on one design is not very effective. Our designers eliminate confusion by integrating their design with the tooling and production stages to eliminate technical issues later down the road.

Hintside differs from traditional trading companies in that we have people who understand your design specifications while dealing face-to-face with factory technicians.

We do everything we can to give you complete control over the manufacturing process. With this structure of organization, we can create a strategy to launch your product even while it's still in production giving you the ultimate advantage.


Everyone involved from day one

Utilizing a cross-functional team, our engineers, designers, and sales associates are involved from start to finish, eliminating confusion and lack of communication from the design stage to tooling, and finally production.

Engineers never guess how to create complicated 3D CAD files based off grandiose designs and designers can quickly and easily change the design to make it cheaper or easier to produce. Everything is synchronized so your product is created based on cost feasibility, target market pricing points, and perfect quality components.

Since we help you become 100% clear on the right direction for your product you save time, money, and a lot of headaches.

Stop giving away margin to a series of different middlemen and do it right with a fully integrated business team.


Passion is what defines our company. Hintside is made up of dynamic, responsible and motivated people that devote themselves to providing clients the best project solutions. We add value to projects based on how much each will give to society because we believe the more you give society what it wants, the more it will give you in return.

We constantly share knowledge and experience with each other and our clients creating a transparent, symbiotic relationship that's easier to understand so you always know you're in good hands.


Creative design services mixed with OEM/ODM projects

We raise the bar for design firms everywhere by providing the same services you get anywhere else, then going beyond. With 3D realistic rendering, prototyping, and more we create a unique visual identity based on the existing product universe to go beyond simple drawings and sketches.

Our design team follows through until the point of producing and bringing the product to port to ship to your home country.

After we create technical specifications for the project we push it all the way to mass production so you can reach your market faster with less problems. Our approach from design to delivery cuts across all former conventional business models.

Plastics & metals

Have you ever wondered where to get the right tooling made? And then where to find the best manufacturers for your product? We have techincal team dedicated soley to making plastic and metal parts to ensure you gain access to the highest quality suppliers. Remember that quality doesn't have to come at a higher price. We ensure the production cost is as low as possible while still meeting your project needs.

Electronic hardware and software

We work directly with SMT suppliers to design electronic circuit boards for your product. If you can think of it, we can make it. Being centrally located in Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta gives us access to the most cutting edge manufacturing technology in the world. There's a reason your iPhone and iPad were manufactured here.

Sourcing & Quality check

Manufacturing in China has a lot of moving parts so we decided to make our team as dynamic and as mobile as possible to accommodate this reality. We tackle the unexpected on a daily basis so you can continue focusing on your business. At the same time we make sure to use the best suppliers in the field to provide the highest quality according to your home country's standards, values, and regulations.


Easy with only ONE contact

No more confusing network of intermediaries where communication and lack of understanding can occur everywhere you turn.
Just one.

Fully integrated business model

Get the services of design firm within a trading company.
Don't make it harder than it should be. Take our design then use
our network of suppliers to save yourself time and money.

New design firm approach

No one knows a product better than its designer.
We take your design to the best factories and make it real.
We don't deliver drawings, we deliver finished products.

On-site design team

We break every barrier to creativity by working inside the factories.
Our teams speak directly with factory techincians to make changes in real time, eliminating delays while saving you money on your project.

Flexible and tailored solutions

We like to be creative not only with product design but also
payment terms, shipping terms and more. We adapt our
tools and resources to meet your specific needs.

Strong partnership and network in China

Use us to gain access to the world's largest consumer market. We work directly with international companies specializing in R&D, product testing, quality control, shipping and more.

Tracking and transparency

No matter where you are, you will be working by our side every day. We give you constant transparent and clear updates on the progress of your project every step of the way.

Truly international team

We are a team with several different international backgrounds.
We are fluent in Mandarin, English, French, and Cantonese.
We are your trusted source in China. We know Chinese culture.